Visitors to the iconic London Eye attraction were stranded for more than three hours when the ferris wheel unexpectedly stopped, the company said on Sunday.

A trip in one of the wheel’s glass capsules usually takes 30 minutes, but passengers on Saturday had far longer to take in the views of nighttime London owing to a technical fault.

“Yesterday evening the London Eye was temporarily stopped to investigate a technical issue at 7:21 pm. Our technical team were immediately on scene to assess the problem and assist in exiting guests from the London Eye.

“All guests were safely disembarked by 10:40 pm and attended to by London Eye staff,” a company spokeswoman told AFP.

The company said visitors were not at risk and they would receive a refund.

One passenger told the Evening Standard newspaper he was in a capsule at the top of the ferris wheel when it came to a stop.

“At first everyone was laughing about it but as time went on people started to become anxious,” Adil Raja was quoted by the Standard as saying. More info